The official newsletter of the Chugach Gem and Mineral Society, the Pebble Patter, is now available online. This newsletter is published every couple of months and hardcopies are available for a small fee. For details, please contact CGMS.

Members of CGMS, please help the club save money by downloading your Pebble Patter from this page. Also, be sure to notify the editor so he can take you off the club's mailing list.

Downloading Instructions

Issue Adobe Acrobat Files MS Word Files
April 2014 Apr2014PP.pdf Apr2014PP.doc
Mar 2014 Mar2014PP.pdf Mar2014PP.doc
Feb 2014 Feb2014PP.pdf Feb2014PP.doc
Jan 2014 Jan2014PP.pdf Jan2014PP.doc
Nov-Dec 2013 NovDec2013PP.pdf NovDec2013PP.doc
Oct 2013 Oct2013PP.pdf Oct2013PP.doc
Sept 2013 Sept2013PP.pdf Sept2013PP.doc
Aug 2013 Aug2013PP.pdf Aug2013PP.doc
Jul 2013 Jul2013PP.pdf Jul2013PP.doc
Jun 2013 Jun2013PP.pdf Jun2013PP.doc
May 2013 May2013PP.pdf May2013PP.doc
Apr 2013 Apr2013PP.pdf Apr2013PP.doc
Mar 2013 Mar2013PP.pdf Mar2013PP.doc
Jan 2013 Jan2013PP.pdf Jan2013PP.doc
Dec 2012 Dec2012PP.pdf Dec2012PP.doc
Oct 2012 Oct2012PP.pdf Oct2012PP.doc
Jul-Aug 2009 JulAug09PP.pdf JulAug09PP.doc
May-Jun 2009 MayJun09PP.pdf MayJun09PP.doc
Mar-Apr 2009 MarApr09PP.pdf MarApr09PP.doc
Jan-Feb 2009 JanFeb09PP.pdf JanFeb09PP.doc
Nov-Dec 2008 NovDec08PP.pdf NovDec08PP.doc
Jul-Aug 2008 SeptOct08PP.pdf SeptOct08PP.doc
Jul-Aug 2008 JulAug08PP.pdf JulAug08PP.doc
May-Jun 2008 MayJun08PP.pdf MayJun08PP.doc
Mar-Apr 2008 MarApr08PP.pdf MarApr08PP.doc
Jan-Feb 2008 JanFeb08PP.pdf JanFeb08PP.doc
Jul-Sept 2007 JulSept07PP.pdf JulSept07PP.doc
May-Jun 2007 MayJun07PP.pdf MayJun07PP.doc
Mar-Apr 2007 MarApr07PP.pdf MarApr07PP.doc
Jan-Feb 2007 JanFeb07PP.pdf JanFeb07PP.doc
Nov-Dec 2006 NovDec06PP.pdf NovDec06PP.doc
Sept-Oct 2006 SeptOct06PP.pdf SeptOct06PP.doc
Jul-Aug 2006 JulAug06PP.pdf JulAug06PP.doc
May-Jun 2006 MayJun06PP.pdf MayJun06PP.doc
Mar-Apr 2006 MarApr06PP.pdf MarApr06PP.doc
Jan-Feb 2006 JanFeb06PP.pdf JanFeb06PP.doc
Nov-Dec 2005 NovDec05PP.pdf NovDec05PP.doc
Oct 2005 Oct05PP.pdf Oct05PP.doc
Jul-Sept 2005 JulSept05PP.pdf JulSept05PP.doc
May-Jun 2005 MayJun05PP.pdf MayJun05PP.doc
Mar-Apr 2005 MarApr05PP.pdf MarApr05PP.doc
Jan-Feb 2005 JanFeb05PP.pdf JanFeb05PP.doc
Sep-Nov 2004 SepNov04PP.pdf SepNov04PP.doc
August 2004 Aug04PP.pdf Aug04PP.doc
July 2004 Jul04PP.pdf Jul04PP.doc
May-June 2004 MayJun04PP.pdf MayJun04PP.doc
March-April 2004 MarApr04PP.pdf MarApr04PP.doc
January-February 2004 JanFeb04PP.pdf JanFeb04PP.doc
November-December 2003 NovDec03PP.pdf NovDec03PP.doc
September-October 2003 SeptOct03PP.pdf SeptOct03PP.doc

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